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A Busy Accelerator Season

We’ve been busy at Benefit Kitchen! In May we finished up our tenure in the first cohort at Civic Hall Labs, Civic Hall’s new non-profit accelerator. In mid-June we concluded our work with the Points of Light Foundation’s CivicX (cohort 7), where we peer invested $100K in PYT Funds and New York On Tech.

We learned a lot in each accelerator and we thank both organizations for the intensity of their programs and the staff members who invested so much time and effort in Benefit Kitchen!
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Go California VITA Sites!

The “2015 tax season” finished up this week. Our partners in California did nearly 2,000 screenings with folks who visited low income tax assistance (VITA) sites in CA. These sites do great work helping families avoid the (sometimes usurious) fees that tax preparers charge for ‘rapid refund’ checks. Nice work United Way of California!